Windows 10: A Beginning of Brilliance

After the launch of Windows 8 and later on the 8.1 edition, which were both not much of success, Microsoft is here with brand new features with Windows 10. By the looks of it, this new windows edition will not disappoint its users.


By completely skipping the 9th edition of Windows, Microsoft has jumped directly to the new generation or to be said the new beginning of Windows and that is Windows 10. The skipping of 9th edition shows that Microsoft is on to something really big in their upcoming edition.


Windows 10

Windows 10 preview on a Dell laptop

Technical Preview & Release Date

The “Technical Preview” of Windows 10 is already released for the user experience, but, be quick as it will expire on 15th of April, 2015.

But for the Windows 10 technical preview you must have to sign up for the Windows insider program.

And the “launch date” of Windows 10 was also said to be announced towards the end of April at the “Microsoft’s Build 2015” conference in San Francisco.

But the speculations about the release date are said to be in Summers, most probably in the month of June.

A great news for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, it will be free to upgrade to the new Windows edition during the 1st year. After that users will be charged.

Windows 10

Re-size your windows and pop up all the opened windows at once in new amazing look.

Windows 10: Features

All the opened Windows can be re-sized and can pop up on the screen all at once.

The user can re-size the “start menu” now.

This Windows edition will totally change the game for Windows operated mobile users.

Movies & TV added to Windows store Beta.

Through Windows 10, Windows universal apps can now work as a hologram.

This new Windows will also support the display with resolutions of any extent. It means that now users can enjoy the new Windows on much bigger displays with resolutions ranging up to 4K level pixel count.

A secret project of Bill Gates known by the name of “Personal Agent“would also surface on this new Windows edition.


Holographic Technology

Windows Holographic Technology with Microsoft HoloLens








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