What your nails say about you

If we examine nails and only think of painting them according to the latest trends or manicure them in city’s best salon, then we are missing out an important factor, health. Your nails are not just a great compliment to your overall appearance and essential element of your beautiful hands, but they can also indicate your present health conditions. Here in this post we will share with you some signs on your nails that will help you to check your current health status.

“The nails can be windows to a patient’s overall health,” says Richard K. Scher, M.D., professor of clinical dermatology at Columbia University.

Here’s what your nails may be telling you about your health condition.

  • White or pale nails: might indicate liver disease or anemia.
  • Thick yellow nails: might show lung problems like emphysema.
  • Black or brown streaks under the nail may be a sign of melanoma or skin cancer under the nail.
  • Small white spots are usually caused by injury to the base of the nail and are not a cause for concern.
  • Vertical nail ridges are common, especially with age, and are not a cause for concern.
  • Clubbing, or when the nail curls around your fingertips, is caused by low oxygen in the blood and can indicate lung conditions.
  • Very brittle or splintered nails can be a sign of an underactive thyroid.
  • Nails that look scooped out like a spoon can indicate iron-deficiency anemia.

Look for such signs on your fingernails, which are not common. So, whenever a streak, color, or something else funky appears without a known injury to your nail or someone else’s, talk to a doctor. Taking consideration of such signs in early stages is very important which can prevent from fatal diseases at later stages. [Similar: What your snot says about your health]

If you know any more of such signs, please share with us.



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