The World’s First Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

No touchpad. No Mouse. Just Gesture.
Experience new dimensions of convenience by using a keyboard as a large invisible touchpad! No more carrying around Keyboard/mouse/touchpad separately!

Either this keyboard is too good to be true, and it is currently only a prototype — so that’s entirely possible. Or it’s a stroke (swipe?) of overdue genius.

The gist: Moky is a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with a built in gesture-supporting touchpad that’s located in the same space as the keys — so you don’t need to carry a separate touchpad or mouse. And no, it’s not positioned at the bottom of the keyboard, or to the side. It’s right over the keys. Ergo: you don’t need to make awkward wrist movements to reach it. The design enables scrolling and pinch to zoom in the same place where you type.

How is this trickery possible? The keyboard has embedded Infrared laser sensors at the corners to create a virtual touchpad field which, once triggered, can tell where your fingers are moving, and translate those touchless swipes into navigation. It can even turn slight taps into mouse clicks. Or that’s the pitch.

They say they have a working prototype at this point (demoed in the below video) but it’s still a work in progress. The aim for the finished product is a keyboard that’s 8mm thick.

Invisible touchpad keyboard


The design does also still require the user to hold down a key at the bottom of the keyboard to turn the touchpad on, so it’s not entirely touchless. But it’s still a pleasingly efficient-looking use of space. And one that could offer some ergonomic relief for sufferers of traditional keyboard and mouse-induced RSI.

They say it work with Windows, Mac and Android, supporting a maximum of two-point multitouch. The touchpad element won’t work with iOS — as they note Apple doesn’t (currently) support mouse input on iOS.

Types of Functions


Type with the keyboard presenting touch sensibility and control the mouse at that point. You don’t have to move your hands further to hold the mouse.


You can select and execute the objects by slightly tapping the surface of the keyboard.


The left click button and the right click button immediately below the keyboard will enrich experience of touch pad user much more.


Pinch out or pinch in with two fingers to zoom in or out the object. Scroll is also available.

How moky Works and Digital Spec

Invisible Touch-pad

Thin and safe laser sensor (Infrared (IR)) generates a  large optical touch-pad at the exact moment you want to use it.

Pantograph Keyboard

You can’t type fast enough with virtual keyboard or pressure sensitive keyboard. However, Moky uses pantograph keyboard, which allows you the best typing experience and fast response. At least 8 national keyboard layouts will be provided as explained below. We will survey at the end of campaign, or you can leave comment including Moky colors. The default layout is English (US international) and Moky red.

Communication: Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth 4.0 technology will extend the battery life. We are targeting the usage life of 3 months.


Bluetooth connection with 3 devices and USB connection with 1 device and you can switch which device you will use.

invisible touchpad

Successful Crowdfunding

Through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, a total of  was raised by 1,431 people in just 1 month. Their goal was $30,000 USD.

The Korean team behind the prototype is raised crowdfunds on Indiegogo to turn their idea into a shipping product, with an estimated release date of this October. They’ve already easily outstripped their original funding goal of $30,000, with almost $122,493USD raised at the time of writing. So they’ve clearly pressed a nerve. In a good way.


Originally posted on Techcrunch


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