Phobia: Have you heard of these types?

A phobia is an irrational fear of things, people or any situation. Many of us have some sort of irrational fear. Anyone can develop a phobia. Reasons may include the combination of life experiences, genetics and brain functioning.

Different types of Phobia


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This type of phobia is known for the fear of replacing of person’s real father with a step-father. Children when their parents getting divorced have the idea that a strange person might come into their family as their new parent. And this feeling is traumatic for the person suffering. This phobia is increasing these days due to increase in divorce rates.





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This type is related to the fear of having step-mother as a replacement for their real mother. The symptoms are all the same as are of the “Victricophobia” discussed above.



Fear of sitting

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This type is known as the fear of a person from sitting down for a longer time period. They may have the anxiety to be unable to sit still or being trapped. It can appear in children when they are going to school and they have to sit down for long. This type can cause a lot of professional harm because the person might not be able to drive continuously. Moreover, the person can’t sit in the office for a longer time which can be one of the causes of professional career discontinuity.



Fear of elderly people

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It is a fear of getting old or a fear of elderly people. Old age is a sign of perishing away from this world which makes most of the people to fear from it. People with such anxiety can have panic attacks when among two or more elderly people. [Similar: A boy diagnosed with fear of getting old.]



Fear of running water

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It is the anxiety caused by the exaggerated fear of running water or river. It is generally caused by a traumatic prior experience with water or may be genetics.


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