Creativity Vs Educational Instituitions

Parents try to enroll their children in schools as soon as they are about to start talking and understand things properly. Parents want their children perfect and educated in a proper way to lead their lives. Are educational institutions playing their role well enough to educate our children along with creativity?

Does creativity enhance while attending schools?

People in past used were more creative than our current generation. Although there was less formal education back then and neither most of the parents had the means to send their children to school nor there were many schools back then. So the basic question arises that what really happened to the creativity of current generation? That now, as compared to the children from the 19th century and before, more children are attending schools in this 21st century but are very less creative. A question pops up that why is that even so?



According to a well-known English author and speaker, Sir Kenneth Robinson, “Creativity” in education is as much important as literacy and should be treated equally. For being creative, one must need to be mentally prepared to get wrong along the process. Because, for being creative one could face failure and get mistaken on the first few attempts performing something. As a human being, every single person has the capability to be creative in one way or another. But we don’t know it until we explore ourselves and our creativity. Picasso once said that all children are born artist. But as we speak, creativity does need a mental acceptance of getting wrong or accepting failure. So where this whole thing about being creative suffers in our daily life and leave us lag behind in creativity although we all are capable of it?



The answer to it is, “at our schools”. Yes, at our schools, we being a child are thought never to be wrong or perform any mistake. We are made afraid of any initiative which can end up us in failure. We are strongly advised to avoid failure from our daily lives. I say, if we are to fear making mistakes or being wrong, then how can we explore new things? And how can we be any creative? Allowing oneself to make mistakes ends up to be creative after all.


Furthermore, coming back to Picasso saying about children being born artist, the focus should be to remain an artist as we grow up. But instead of growing into creativity, we go out of creativity. Or in other words, we are “educated” to grow out of creativity. The main players in doing so are the educational institutes or schools. It is now all about the academic – ability while getting educated in educational institutes. Academic-ability has now dominated the intelligence in educational intuitions and through professors teaching there.


Risk & Failure

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The methods of educating students at educational institutions should now be diverted from an academic ability to intelligence and creativity. A child should not be stopped from the things which they have an interest in and love to do it their way. This process of doing things they like in their own way generates creativity in them. For instance, why not to teach mathematics in schools through playing music, for instance, in order to make it interesting and in this way the child will learn it more quickly too. More of such creative ideas should be put forward in educational institutions to boost the morale of students to come up with a creativity of their own. Schools should focus on to educate the children “”to grow into creativity” rather than the other way around.


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