Ashes Series History; Australia Vs England


Ashes Series Cup

Ashes Series; A Cut Throat Contest Between Aussies & Britain

Any cricket lover hearing the word Ashies series would straight away get it that what it means. Ashes Series is a bilateral cricket test series between Australia and England.


Controversial Ashes Series

Ashes Series  of 1932-33

Ashes trophy name was generated when Australian cricket team for the first time ever won the test match on English soil from England cricket team in the year of 1882. It was a thrilling match which Australian team managed to turn it their way and won it by 14 runs. On that day, Australian players stated that the English cricket has died and so the body should be cremated and the ashes should be taken back to Australia. So there after the the series of 1982-83 was associated with Ashes Series and there after the quest for regaining the ashes was dubbed by the British media.

The Ashes Urn

Ashes Series Cup, Ball & Bails

Later on in the next cricket test series between these two countries, England won the test series 2-1. And in response the English captain Ivo Bligh was presented with a small urn full of ashes of a wooden bail from the third test by a group of Melbourne women. But it is still a controversy that it was the ashes of a cricket ball and other says that it was the remains of Lord Darnley’s wife. The urn in 1927 was given to Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) after the death of Lord Darnley by his Australian born widowed. Regardless of the ashes series result the urn remained in the Lord standing 4 inch tall. The original ashes trophy still can be seen in Lord’s ground museum.


Ashes Seriies

Ashes Series of 2013/14, Aussies 5-0 White Wash


Later on, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) commissioned an ashes shaped crystal trophy and which was first awarded to Mark Taylor after the series win of 1998/99. The last time these both teams have played in ashes series was in 2013/14 and in which Australian white washed England 5-0.




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